Disposable Patient Transfer Sheets

Material: Non-woven Polypropylene PP/SMS

Weight: 100-120gsm Per Square

Color: Blue

Hand Tie : 3 on Each Side

Safe Working Load:150-200kgs

Packing: Individually

Pattern: Ultrasonic Heat Sealing & Thread Sewing

  • Model No:WELLMIEN-UP009

Disposable Patient Transfer Sheets

Material: Non-woven Polypropylene PP/SMS

Weight: 100-120gsm Per Square

Color: Blue

Hand Tie : 3 on Each Side

Safe Working Load:150-200kgs

Packing: Individually

Pattern: Ultrasonic Heat Sealing & Thread Sewing

Certificate: FDA CE ISO13485

OEM & ODM: Available
Application: Hospital, family, nursing home, etc. 

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Advantages :

1. Reduce labor:

The sliding pad only needs 1-2 people to pass the patient across the beds, replacing the work that needed 4-5 people to work together. It saves labor and time, and can greatly reduce the labor intensity of medical staff.

2. "Patient immovable" bed crossing:

After fracture and operation, patients are often unable to move or touch because of pain or postoperative drainage tube. The disposable sliding pad is used in combination with the middle sheet or bed sheet to pull the middle sheet or bed sheet to cross the bed. It is similar to the conveyor belt to transfer items. The conveyor belt rotates all the time, but the items placed on it remain motionless, and the patient is not moved or touched at all, Can be transferred smoothly and safely.

3. Effectively avoid secondary damage:

In the previous handling methods, multiple people were used to lifting and delivering at different parts and with different force levels, so patients are more likely to feel uncomfortable, and even cause patient injury due to improper handling. The sliding pad can make the patient cross the bed as a whole, avoid secondary injury and make it an easy and comfortable whole-body transfer. In addition, the supporting base plate can protect the patient's bones and avoid possible injury, strain, etc. while transferring between vehicles/beds/platforms.

4. It can be widely used:

The sliding pad can be used when there is a certain height difference, so it can be widely used to cross the bed between operating tables, patient beds, wheelchairs, CT tables, and X-ray examination tables in different departments of the hospital.

How to Transfer a Patient Using Sheets

Now that you know what a patient transfer sheet is, you might be wondering how to use a transfer sheet to transfer a patient. This procedure is best performed by two caregivers. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

1. Make sure the patient is lying supine in the center of the bed.

Lift the patient's leg so that his/her knee is in the air and his/her foot is flat on the bed.

2. Next, the caregiver standing on the other side of the raised leg should grasp the hips and shoulders, roll the patient onto his/her side, and roll the patient toward him/her.

3. The caregiver on the other side of the bed should then lay the patient transfer sheet down the length of the patient, tucking one end of the sheet slightly under his or her back.

4. The caregiver places the patient on their side and can then roll the patient back onto his or her back.

5. Lift the other leg and roll the patient onto his/her opposite side in the same manner as in step 4.

6. A caregiver on the other side of the bed can then pull the rest of the sheet under the patient so that the patient lies in the middle of the transfer sheet.

7. You can then use the handles of the sheet to slide the patient around, making it easier for the patient to move around.

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